Zoopla Skills Sessions

Our new Zoopla Skills Sessions video series gives you tips and tricks you can action in your business straight away, using Zoopla tools you already have.

Featuring experts from Zoopla and beyond, Skills Sessions will cover everything from optimising your Zoopla Branch Profile and Meet the Team sections, through to demystifying platforms to engage with your customer base, such as Google Analytics and Survey Monkey.

All the sessions are around 30 minutes and completely free – just sign up and you’ll be be sent a link to view each Skills Session.

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Session 1: Keeping vendors and landlords engaged

In our first session, we looked at how simple tweaks to your Branch Profile can make all the difference to an engaged home-hunting audience.



Session 2: How to keep leads engaged

In this session, we showed you how to finesse your listings and use tools such as Property Valuation Reports to keep hold of buyer interest until the market recovers.





Session 3: Supporting your remote market appraisals with Zoopla tools

In this session, we looked at how Comparables Reports in ZooplaPro can help power-up your remote market appraisals.



Session 4: Using MarketView data to get ahead

In this session, we showed you how MarketView information in ZooplaPro can support data-led business decisions.



Session 5: Showcasing your existing listings

In this session, we showed you how to reinvigorate older listings on your books, to drive new interest as the market picks up.



Session 6: Driving new vendor interest

In this session, we show you how Valuation Booster and Featured Agent can help laser-target your canvassing, driving new demand and more exposure for your brand.

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