Personalised for
yyour branch


01 Logo
Your logo and branch name is automatically included on the front page of the report

02 Property Details
The customer and property details you provide at the time of ordering the report appear here

03 Branch details
Your branch details and the date the report was generated is inserted here

04 Agent profile
Your agency branch profile from Zoopla is added here

Local market


01 Asking price
The average percentage of the asking price that was achieved in your area over the past 3 months

02 Time on market
The average time it has taken properties to sell in the area over the past 3 months

03 Price change
The value of the property over time, compared to similar local properties, enabling performance comparison

04 Search volume
The volume of searches on Zoopla over the past 28 days, indicating demand in the area

Your valuation, powered by


01 Estimated capital value
An estimated value for the property, based on expert data and comparable recent sales

03 Confidence
Shows how confident Hometrack is in the valuation's accuracy. If lots of similar properties have been valued nearby, confidence will be higher.

05 Price change since last sale
This is the difference between estimated capital value and the last sale price, if known

07 Estimated gross rental yield
Provides landlords with an indicator of rental income as a percentage of the property's 
capital value

02 Estimated value range
The value range indicates the estimated lower and upper values of the property

04 Last sale
When available, details of the last selling price for the property is provided for context

06 Estimated rental value
Provides an estimated monthly rental value for the property

Guide to PropertyValuation Reports

To win vendor and landlord instructions you need the best data. Here’s a breakdown of the data and insights that you will find within Zoopla’s Property Valuation reports, and the story that it tells so that you are equipped with the tools to win. Click on the orange buttons for a further deep-dive into a section.

Your property summary
Local market insights
Recent activity near you
Your valuation, powered by Hometrack
Personalised for your branch
Your property summary

This is a snapshot of the property that is being valued, it will include details such as the property type, the year of build, number of rooms and total floor area. 
Any missing information is marked as ‘unknown’.

Local market insights

This section is comprised of detailed local property market insights. These include; sale-to-asking price ratio, average time on market for properties nearby plus search data that indicates the current demand in the area. Use this rich insight to frame your valuation discussions with prospective vendors and landlords.

More info
Recent activity near you

This section summarises nearby properties currently on the market, and their listing prices for additional context. Properties being marketed by your agency are prioritised to demonstrate your local coverage.

Your valuation, powered by

The valuation estimate is powered by Hometrack's leading automated valuation model (AVM). This will include a capital value estimate, range and confidence score based on the level of data available. It can also provide you with details on the last known sale price, rental estimate and yield.

Use best in class data to guide and inform your pricing conversations. After seeing the property and evaluating the unique qualities, you will be able to give an expert view on the recommended marketing price.

More info
Personalised for 
your branch

The reports are co-branded championing your agency brand throughout. Where available your logo, brand colours, branch name, profile and contact details have been pre-loaded on your behalf, direct from your Zoopla account. You can add further personalisation to your report by including the customers name and even a personal note when ordering.

Need to amend your logo or branch profile? Please contact

Generating your reports

Login to ZooplaPro, click on the ‘Reports’ tab and select ‘Property Valuation’ from the drop down menu.

Search for the property that you would like to value using its postcode and select the correct address.

The database will pre-fill as much information known about the property in your form, but if you have more recent details you can enter them here.

Preview the valuation estimate and if you wish, add the optional customer name and agent comments.

Once you are happy select ‘Generate report’ and your personalised property valuation report will be downloaded in seconds.

Can’t access the reports? Please register your interest in Zoopla’s Valuation Reports via the form available here