You’ve told us what you need from us right now, and that’s valuation leads. And so, our new advertising campaign will nudge the nation into selling.

It’ll drive high-value homeowners to a rich new on-site experience, showing them both the potential value of their home - and that it’s time to sell with a Zoopla agent.

Where you’ll see the new campaign

The new campaign is targeted at where high-value, passive sellers are:

  • TV including ITV, Channel 4, and Sky, with high-profile placements in Gogglebox, Coronation Street and Location, Location, Location
  • Radio across Magic, Classic, Smooth, Greatest Hits, Hits Radio
  • Digital Audio including podcasts across Spotify, Dax and Deezer

The homeowner audiences we’re driving to you

Second steppers

Third steppers


Quality valuation leads at scale with a new homeowner experience

The new My Home experience will get high-value homeowners onto site, and continue to engage them until they’re a warm lead for you.

Zoopla may be the home of the valuation estimate, but My Home makes it clear that our agents are where they go to get their home sold.

Hooking in new homeowners with a fresh new brand

Like those new homeowners getting ready to sell, it’s time we had a new lick of paint.

Developed with insight from agents and consumers, the new Zoopla brand is designed to appeal to existing Zoopla audiences, as well as broadening our appeal with new homeowners and home hunters.

Be seen when it’s time to sell

With all these extra homeowners on Zoopla this summer, now’s the time to get your brand in front of them.

Talk to us about how we can be a partner, across all of your marketing activities.

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