No matter what your product is, if people don’t know it exists, or if they find what you are promoting uncompelling, you will struggle to sell it.

Online is essential

In this digital age, you can’t just rely on people walking into your agency on the highstreet. Actively promoting your properties and engaging with your audience via multiple media channels, especially online, is key if you want to get ahead.

Portals are the starting point

Most people start their property searches online. And for many of them, property portals are the place they’ll look at first.

Listing your properties on the UK’s best known portals will attract attention. But engaging your audience is just as important – so provide as many details you can about the property and local community, using good quality photos and videos where possible to help paint the picture.

Get it right on every device

Most property searches on Zoopla’s portals are now via mobile devices, so having a nicely designed, mobile responsive and search engine optimised website will improve your customers’ experience, and make it easier for them to find you. You’ll stand out from the crowd, and they’re more likely to remember you for the right reasons.

Show up on social media

You can engage your audience further on social media. Sharing interesting, relevant content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter will help build brand recognition and drive leads to your agency. If you’re new to social media then start simple and build as your confidence and experience grows.

Be digitally diverse

You can also use other digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, online newsletters, webinars, and advertising on the Google search or display network.

Review and respond

There are many different ways that you can connect with your audience online. And taking an integrated approach, plus tracking, measuring and improving what works best for you will help your agency and ultimately properties to be seen and remembered. Your customers won’t even have to step outside of their current home to set eyes on their next one.