The processes of selling, buying and letting properties extend far beyond the traditional transaction, which is the primary source of income for most agencies.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

For the customer, there are a range of other activities and services needed to complete the process successfully and smoothly, such as sourcing broadband, removalists, conveyancing, insurance and utilities. Maximise the additional revenue streams you’re making at every stage of the customer journey by identifying and offering referral comparison quotes for these services.

Go the extra mile

As an agent, you’re in a unique position to cross-sell to your customers during the move process. You can offer them the convenience and reliability of using trusted suppliers for many of the services they will need along the way.

Give them a choice

Only offering them one supplier for each of their needs isn’t likely to cut it. It’ll mean they’re more likely to shop around and consider other options that are better suited. So you don’t miss out, it’s advisable to give your customers a choice; building trust and ultimately loyalty in the process.

Insurance is essential

All buyers need insurance, and landlords increasingly require added protection to cover their properties. Tenants may also require contents insurance for the term of their lease, so providing comparison quotes for insurance is an ideal complementary service you can offer customers.

De-hassle home moving

Home moving services are similarly in high demand, and with society becoming increasingly time poor, there’s a growing trend in outsourcing removal experts to get the job done faster and with a minimum of hassle.

Conquer conveyancing and organise utilities

A vast amount of property purchases will have been preceded by a structural survey being carried out. And all sales require conveyancing – preparation of legal documents for the sale. In addition most people need to set up energy, phone, tv and broadband at their new address.

Everyone’s a winner

You could also earn a fee from successful referrals to your trusted panel of surveyors, legal experts, utility and telecommunications service providers – and build a strong, long lasting relationship with your clients along the way.

No, really… 

So far MoveIt has generated over £1 million worth of referrals for Zoopla’s property software partners.