As an agent you may be dealing with vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants at any one time. And they all have different demands and requests needing your support and information. Being at the top of your game, offering brilliant service around the clock, is no easy task.

Sort out your toolbox

The solution is to set yourself up with the best tools and streamlined processes – and there are a growing number of versatile resources on the market to support you. The great news is that some of these will actually automate or remove many of the processes that are chewing up your time.

Work on your website

A good place to start is your website. The more information provided, and the easier it is to access and understand, the less people will need to call you directly to ask questions. Make sure your website includes sufficient information about your agency, services and properties, and try to preempt some of the more common questions by adding a comprehensive list of answers to FAQs.

Make management simple

Having a property management tool with a mobile app that vendors, landlords and tenants can easily use 24/7 will distinguish you from the competition.

Products like PropertyFile enable you to share important documents, like invoices or property details, quickly and easily, day or night. Tenants can also report maintenance issues, reducing inbound calls to your office (not to mention those that require a call back). You can categorise and identify the most urgent inbound communications, and subsequently automate outgoing responses. This will greatly improve your customers’ experience and save you time and money.

Brand the experience

Ideally, you want a tool / app that allows for branded communications so the experience for your customers is seamless. This will enable them to associate their great experience with your business, meaning that all your interactions with your clients reflect well on your brand.