When you’re growing your business, building a strong and authentic brand is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and be first in mind for house hunters.

Sort out your strategy

The best way to build any brand is to have a clear brand strategy. And to promote the unique benefits of using your business that customers can’t get from your competition. Whether it’s because you have the deepest local knowledge, the best range of homes on offer, or because you provide the best customer service experience, you need your customers to associate certain key messages with your brand. There are a range of ways to achieve this.

Keep it consistent

Be visually identifiable and memorable – choose your colours, font, tone of voice, imagery and logo with care. And keep it all consistent across every touchpoint; the way people experience your brand should be the same in every place. Don’t just think about the obvious places like marketing flyers and your shopfront windows; consider how your brand is represented in less obvious ways such as invoices, contracts, emails, phone on hold messages and the way your staff speak.

Work it on the web…

Put your brand on the digital map by creating and continually improving an attractive and user friendly website, that’s mobile responsive and search engine optimised. It’s essential that your website reflects the values and vision of your brand, so make sure that the design and messaging capture its essence.

…Including social media

Establish your social media presence on the platforms your customers typically use, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Remember that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but rich media such as video is best. If you’re inexperienced, start by sharing relevant, engaging and thought-provoking content, until you feel confident in creating your own. This will help your customers associate your brand with the messages you choose.

Be present on portals

With over 90% of property searches starting online, most customers prefer to begin their search on portals. Listing your properties on the UK’s best known portals is a great way to attract attention, and get your brand the widest exposure possible.

Take full advantage of their audience

Stand out further by making the most of the additional brand-promoting products offered by portals. Become a Featured Agent on Zoopla’s portals, or invest in a retargeting campaign to make sure your brand continues to get noticed even when consumers have left the site.

Track, measure and tweak

Be sure to measure and track your results. A great way to track your brand’s recognition is to monitor your ‘mentions’ online, where people are discussing, tagging or mentioning your brand. You can do this easily using various online software tools. Monitoring spikes in your mentions will help you to identify what platforms, content and messages are working well for you.

Say it, and say it again

Above all else, persist with your core message, and repeat it until it’s heard and remembered. You can evolve your brand, but big changes take time to filter through, so choose your key value proposition carefully, invest in engaging meaningfully with your audiences, stick with it, and you’ll cut through.