Driving good quality leads can be a challenge. But there are several ways to give your business a boost.

Be active on social media

Always engage with leads on your social media profiles. Answer their comments, and thank their reviews. This helps develop good relationships – not only with the person you are engaging with but with the people who subsequently read the comments. Be the agent who takes the time to engage positively with their audience.

Gather your database

Gather and maintain a list of warm lead email addresses, ensuring you follow ‘opt in’ data best practice. One way to do this is to offer something of value in exchange for a lead’s email address. This might be a downloadable report on property prices in their area, the best improvements that can add value to a home, or any other appealing content.

Nurture your audience

Now you have a list of people who are engaged, you can develop an opt in mailing list for an email campaign to put your properties directly in front of them. Make sure your emails have links to your website or properties advertised on portals and a clear call to action.

Experiment with your style

Why not test different headlines, call to actions, or design layouts for your email campaign and monitor the success, especially the rate of people opening your emails and clicking on links, so you can see what’s working and hone your messages accordingly.

Stand out on portals

Most home movers start their searches on property portals. But with so many estate agents using them to advertise their listings, you need to make sure yours get noticed. Provide lots of details about the property, the local area, and use as many photos and videos as you can. And you can go one step further by utilising the additional tools portals provide to help your listings get noticed within the search results. Products like Zoopla’s Premium Listing Plus will give you a larger, coloured box for your listing, allow you to promote key features, and give you the ability to upload more photos and videos than you can on a standard listing. The more eyes you get on your listings, the more leads your agency is likely to receive.

Target, then retarget

Advertising is another way of generating warm leads and making sure your properties stand out from the competition. People who click on your adverts can be brought either directly to your website or to a particular property. You can monitor which ads are receiving the most attention and focus on giving these prominence. Investing in an advertising campaign like AdReach, which retargets relevant consumers with your messaging once they’ve left Zoopla’s sites, will keep your agency front of mind and so increase the likelihood of you being contacted by the right people.

Craft and share your best messages

Boosting leads is about customer engagement and offering already interested people what they need; be it a property, knowledge or insights. Craft your messaging carefully, and promote it as widely as possible, and you’ll reap the rewards.