Continually training and developing your workforce will keep your business ahead of the curve. Business Matters magazine explains how investing in corporate training can reduce your costs, give you an edge over the competition and even help you attract new talent. Debs Gledhill, Senior Development Trainer at Zoopla, explains why it’s crucial to keep your workforce engaged and hungry to succeed.

The value of feeling valued

Listen, support, develop and invest in your workforce. Make sure that they know they’re valued. Invest in people, demonstrate how their career success is directly linked to the success of your business, and job satisfaction levels will increase. As a result, so will productivity.

Opportunities and change

Change in the workplace is continuous and new opportunities are often presented. Your workforce need to know how to grab these opportunities and deal with any challenges they present. Supporting your workforce in adopting new processes and skills is vitally important to your agency’s success.

Investing time in new employees

If you spend measured and meaningful time with your current workforce, you need to remember to channel this into newcomers too. Be sure to show them how passionate you are, and listen to their needs upfront. Try and make the onboarding experience rewarding and interesting.

Encourage learning every day

Promote a culture of learning, every single day. Inherently, we all want strive to learn new things so create a space that not only permits, but actively encourages and rewards, learning on the job.

Debs’ top tips

    1. Keep your teams up to date
    2. Spend time with new starters
    3. Create a culture of learning