Adapting to evolving technologies

Digital advertising strategies continue to evolve with new technologies. People are exposed to more adverts online than ever before, so in order to cut through the noise and get noticed, digital advertising must adapt to the mediums that appeal most to users.

While text and picture only digital ads have a role to play, advertisers are increasingly using cutting edge rich media formats – including video, gamification (interactive games), applets, GIFs and moving images – to improve engagement.

Getting rich with media

Rich media enables users to interact with a company’s brand advertising, whether it’s through taps, swipes, tilts, shakes or pinches (otherwise known as ‘gestures’). Thanks to this interactive nature of rich media, there are more ways to measure and track responses to the ads rather than just the normal ‘click-through’.

You can access aggregated metrics on your audience’s behaviour, including number of expansions, multiple views and video completions to get granular data on the success of your campaign.

Rich media driving engagement

Whether you’re running an advertising or a content marketing campaign, and whichever platforms you’re appearing on, rich media is certainly proving to be successful at delivering more engaging campaigns.

In tests, rich media ads outperform their static equivalents by more than 400%1. 64% of customers2 are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200 – 300%.2 And 80% of customers2 can recall a video they’ve viewed in the last month.

When customers view your video, they’re more likely to make an emotional connection with the content, which can trigger them to remember your brand more, resulting in increased leads and more sales for your business.

Slim down with GIFs

If you’re communicating with your audience via email and still want to reap the visual benefits and consumer responses to video without bulking up the receiver’s inbox, a GIF could be the way to go.

GIFs are short looping clips that add a few seconds of motion to your email. And they’re perfect for showcasing your brand or a product, such as new houses in your customers’ area, in a compact yet engaging way. Tests show that emails featuring an animated GIF pulled in 12% more revenue3 than their non-animated version.

Test and learn approach

“Whether you’re sharing videos and motion graphics or articles and features, think about what the audience wants and when they want it”, says Stephanie Hendries, Social Media Manager, ZPG. “Never before have the lines between customers, content providers and marketeers been so blurred, so now is the time to jump in and try as many different things as possible. Remember to keep testing and measuring. And stay positive. Great content, curated for your audience, will ultimately deliver.”

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