Tech on tap: how to offer digital fault reporting

Proptech has expanded hugely in recent years. There are now 600 companies operating within the property industry1 but choosing which ones to use can be a challenge. Is there any business logic behind them? Which one provides the best value-for-money? How are they integrated into a small business? These are all questions letting agents are asking themselves at present.

“Most agents know about proptech and will have tried a service, but most struggle to see a real value from it,” says Zoopla’s software chief James Toogood. “This isn’t a problem for agents who use Zoopla’s Jupix property management software.”

Jupix is fully integrated with PropertyFile, a joined-up service that neatly brings together a letting agent’s tasks into one place and is part of their monthly subscription. Importantly, it solves one of property management’s most crucial and often manual tasks – fault reporting.

Using Zoopla’s PropertyFile app available from the App Store and Google Play, tenants can report non-urgent maintenance issues via their smartphone including problems with boilers, heating, hot water, doors, windows, locks, pipes and taps. Tenants use the app to add pictures and notes to their report, and they are then kept up-to-date with progress via in-app messages.


Landlord satisfaction

PropertyFile also keeps landlords up-to-date with the latest contract renewal, tenanting-finding and repairs and maintenance activity completed by their agent via their own client file. That’s important. Zoopla’s State of the Property Nation report, backed by Phil Spencer, found that 55% of landlords worry about how their tenants are treating the property.


Keep tenants happy

App technology is a way of communicating customers are beginning to demand. Renters are increasingly running their lives via their smartphone; 95% of 25 to 34-year-olds and 90% of 35 to 54-year-olds have one, as do half of over 55-year-olds. 2 It also enables agents to offer a 24-7 ‘always on’ service, something many online and hybrid agents claim as an advantage over their high street competitors.

Save time

PropertyFile’s fault reporting service also enables letting agents to manage their day-to-day business better, allowing them to oversee the process of onboarding tenants, managing a property, keeping landlords up-to-date, booking contractors, processing invoices and agreeing contractor commission rates.

It offers a range of property tools for tenancy management including authorising tenants to sign their rental agreements digitally as well as better management of viewings.


For agents who’d like to have the latest tech at their fingertips, visit our PropertyFile website to book a demo.

Author: Nigel Lewis, property journalist