Users are far more likely to return to a website they’ve previously visited if they’re shown an ad promoting that website somewhere else online. You can make sure visitors to your site are reminded of it once they’ve left by using a form of online advertising called retargeting.

What is it?

Retargeting shows specific ads to consumers based on their previous internet actions. Put simply, retargeting allows you to show your adverts to specific customers who’ve visited your website and engaged with your brand online.

The benefits of retargeting

Ana Brenikov, Zoopla’s Display and Programmatic Sales Manager, explains the benefits of targeting previous users as a form of online advertising. It allows continued exposure to a brand’s messaging, reminding the customer of their previous desire to purchase a specific product or service.


Retargeting has its limitations, however. It does nothing to extend your audience beyond those who’ve already engaged with your site; it can’t help you reach new customers. However, Zoopla has developed a solution to this problem: AdReach.


AdReach allows agents to run advertising campaigns displaying their brand and message to users who have browsed through Zoopla’s portal websites, who’ve shown particular interest in their specific branch area. This allows agents to market to an engaged audience who may not have come across their website yet.

Ana’s top tips

  1. Fully utilise an already engaged audience
  2. Attract new, relevant customers with AdReach
  3. Remember, you only pay if they click

Reap the benefits of retargeting and AdReach and make sure that your brand is consistently at the forefront of consumers’ minds.