It’s a tough market out there. In the UK, property stock is low, demand is high, and expectations are even higher. So this makes things particularly tricky for new build developers, who ideally want to be selling homes before they’ve even been built.

Sarah Stephenson, the Design Studio Manager at Ravensworth, gives us her top tips for successful off-plan marketing.

Seeing is believing

The more customers are able to visualise the end result of their new home, the more likely they are to buy, says Sarah. And it’s important to remember that you’re not just selling them a home; you’re selling them a lifestyle. When ZPG conducted our ‘Insights into new homes buyers 2018’ research, we showed our respondents real life new homes adverts, and the ones that depicted an aspirational lifestyle were by far the most popular. 42% of people chose one particular advert as their favourite because it ‘Shows people enjoying their home.’

Using computer generated imagery (CGI) should be the basis of new build marketing, because it provides a realistic image of how a property will look before the first brick has even been laid.

Keeping up appearances

If you want people – particularly the local community – to sit up and pay attention to your development, you need to make sure it has a strong, consistent, recognisable brand. In order to do this effectively, you first need to know your audience; if you don’t know who you’re marketing to, then you won’t be able to do it in a way that appeals to them. So get to know the people you want to reach, create a development brand around them, and then make sure you use it consistently.

A match made in heaven

Bringing CGI and branding together in brochures and on microsites will help developers establish a memorable presence both on and offline for the duration of the building process. And if you need any help, look no further than Ravensworth; the property industry’s leading print, design and marketing specialist.

Sarah’s top tips:

Use CGI as a starting point
Create a strong development brand
Bring CGI and branding together in your marketing