Just ask Zoopla: the first results from our new campaign

So far it’s been a big hit, especially on the back of some key site and app improvements. 

More consumers are heading to Zoopla for the answers to their ‘awkward’ property questions – and that means more vendor leads for our agents.

Couple this with a rise in new supply, up 8% on the five-year average*, and the outlook is far from doom and gloom.

Big increase in valuation leads

Our ad campaign saw a 29.5% increase in unique valuation leads during the first two weeks post launch. And that’s on top of the 20% increase delivered in March and April. 

At the same time, we’re helping more homeowners understand the potential value of their property with our home estimates – before driving them to our estate agent customers for an official valuation. 

We know homeowners who’ve seen an increase in equity over the past 18 months are considering a move, with UK house prices rising by 11.6%*. And Zoopla is where they come to do their research. 

In fact, we’ve doubled the number of active homeowners visiting Zoopla each month over the last four months. Meanwhile, brand awareness has increased among older owner-movers.

This is a particularly high-value audience for agents, with one in three seeing the value of their home increase by more than £50,000 over the course of the pandemic.

Set your sites high

To tie in with our ad campaign, we’ve been making improvements behind the scenes and across the Zoopla site – so our user experience is anything but awkward. 

A refreshed navigation bar now puts agent valuations front and centre, which has driven an 18% increase in valuation lead conversion rates. It’s also triggered a 6% jump in homeowners tracking their property.

In turn, 45% more people who are checking their house price on Zoopla are going on to submit a vendor lead.

Appy with that

Over the past six months, we’ve also invested heavily in our app – which is now driving positive results for agents too. Applicant leads per session are up 9%, thanks to an improved user experience.

And the signed-in session rate has increased by 16% (meaning people are more likely to save properties and sign up for push notifications). 

Let’s catch up

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*Zoopla internal data, 2022