Just ask Zoopla: our new marketing campaign

Here’s a bit more about what you’ll be seeing – and why it matters.

We’re launching a new 14-week campaign to drive 13% more vendor leads* to our agents from high-value homeowners as we enter the summer months.

Who are we targeting?

Our new campaign has one audience firmly in its sights: high-value homeowners.

It builds on our work over the past two years to get more and more of them to Zoopla. In fact, we’ve doubled visits from homeowners every month for the past four months**.

They’re seeing us higher up the search results pages, and bigger and better listings experience when they come to site, meaning your branch is front-of-mind when they’re ready to buy and sell. 

Why are we targeting them?

Current market conditions mean that many vendors are stuck in a ‘thinking about it’ phase.

But here’s the thing: the housing market is still performing well above the five-year average. And, the life changes that prompt people to move – kids, marriages, divorces and everything in between – never stop.

Whether they’re hesitant or in a hurry to move, Zoopla’s where homeowners come to research, search and sell. 

What are we targeting them with?

Let’s face it: we’re a nosey nation. Our research shows 6 in 10 Brits admit to looking up what friends, family, colleagues and even potential lovers paid for their home***. 

Add money into the mix and it gets us into some seriously awkward situations. 

Our new ads show exactly what homeowners shouldn’t do when they want to know the value of a home. (Hint: they should look at our market-leading valuation estimates and then speak to an agent instead). 

Voiced over once again by much-loved comedian Diane Morgan, you’ll be seeing the new ads across TV, video-on-demand (VOD), digital, social, cinema… oh, and right here actually:

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*Campaign forecast only – on top of an average 20% increase in vendor leads between the months of March and April across all regions of the UK
**Zoopla internal data, 2022
***Zoopla research, 2021