Building a better experience for your applicants

We’ve made a tonne of optimisations to Zoopla Premium Listings and Featured Properties, all to get your properties the attention they deserve

The new-and-improved Premium Listings

To help your properties get even more attention from Zoopla visitors, we’ve turned up the volume on Premium Listings. They now feature:

  • A bigger size with a purple border to stand-out
  • A ‘Premium’ tag to give your property more of the spotlight

Zoopla Premium Listings mean more leads – 9% more on average in the first week, to be exact.

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What’s changed with Featured Properties?

We’ve streamlined Featured Properties and Weekly Featured Properties into one bigger and better add-on: Featured Properties. 

Still taking pride of place at the top of our search results, we’ve optimised them further, so they drive more clicks and leads for your stock.

Resulting in a 129% increase in search views of the property and triple click-through rate to property details page**, they now have: 

  • A blue listing border to make properties stand-out more
  • A ‘Featured’ tag to give your property more of the spotlight

There’s also now two ways to tailor them to your needs. You can either:

  • Target by outcode, showcasing your listings to buyers searching in a specific outcode
  • Book them weekly, guaranteeing exposure for your customers and your slow-moving stock 

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How we’re responding to a changing housing market

Optimisations to our applicant add-ons are just the start. 

The pandemic has changed what people want from a home. We’re changing too, so that more homeowners come to us to get the home they really want. 

Warming up your future pipeline on-site 

Our latest marketing campaign#ReadyToMoveOn, targets eager movers.

They’re usually second and third-steppers – and that means they’ve also got stock they’d need you to sell. And our campaign is getting more and more of them to Zoopla.

Once they’re on site, they’ll see our enhanced listing search results pages. It massively improves their experience, helping your listings get more views and clicks.

And it doesn’t end there. New features we’ve added to our map experience are already generating results for our customers, including:

  • Tripling the likelihood of a user saving a property
  • A 3% higher applicant lead conversion rate
  • Click-through to listing details page improved by 2%

Giving you more from our applicant traffic

Together, our tools, campaign and enhancements create a powerful combo to lock in more applicants, warming them up into buyer and seller leads.

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