As technology continues to develop at what can sometimes feel like breakneck speed, more and more of our personal and professional lives are taking place online. So it’s hardly surprising that digital learning – also known as online learning, e-learning or distance learning – has leapt in both use and popularity.

Verity Stanford-Tuck, who works in Software Learning and Development here at Zoopla, knows more than most about the benefits online training has to offer. She shares her top tips with us here.

Accommodate to educate

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to learning, and teaching adults in an online environment is no exception. eLearning Industry sum it up perfectly when they explain that you need to ‘appeal to auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners alike.’ Make sure that the online materials you offer are varied enough to suit a spectrum of learning styles; you could include videos, live sessions, manuals and FAQ’s pages in your digital learning toolkit.

Don’t let them mentally sign off

If you’re staring at a screen, whatever is on that screen needs to be engaging, otherwise you’re going to become distracted and mentally switch off fairly quickly. So make sure that your online training sessions are visually stimulating; use bold fonts, colours and images, and make sure that they serve a purpose by using them to highlight key pieces of information.

A one-way conversation is a lecture

As Verity says, the key to crowd control online is to sound like you’re talking to people, not at them. Nobody likes being lectured at, so try to make your staff feel as though their training is a two way conversation. Keep your dialogue casual yet informative in tone, and if possible use other engagement tools like polls, quizzes and games to really hold people’s attention.

Verity’s top tips:

1. Accommodate different learning styles
2. Make it visually clear and engaging
3. Talk to them, not at them