Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to our planet; over 12 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every single year, 94% of which ends up on the ocean floor, and this number is set to treble in the next 10 years. Almost all of us have seen images of birds and fish entangled in bits of plastic, or the shocking footage of a sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from its nostril.

So whilst we’re all aware of the damage plastic waste is doing to our environment, it can sometimes feel like such a monumental problem to try and tackle that we’re unsure of where to even start.

But the good news is that actually, quite a lot can be achieved without too much time or effort required. Philippa Cresswell, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager here at Zoopla, gives her top tips on how we can all make our workplaces greener. Because as Philippa explains, ‘beyond the obvious reasons to implement a green initiative, there are many ways it can benefit your business’.

Say no to single use items

Items like plastic straws and cutlery are some of the worst waste culprits. We only use them once, then throw them away, so if they’re not recycled they end up cluttering our environment. Avoiding ‘single use’ items like this altogether where possible will stop the need for so many to be produced, helping us to protect the planet.

Reuse and refill

If you need to dispose of plastic products, recycling is always preferable. But recycling actually uses a lot of energy, so opting for items that you can reuse is a better option. Refilling water bottles and taking carrier bags to the shops with you will save you money and save the environment.


The way that a lot of the items we buy regularly are produced means that unfortunately it’s not always practical or even possible to steer clear of plastic altogether. So recycling those items you can’t avoid is really important. Make sure you check with your local authority to find out what can be recycled in your area.

Philippa’s top tips:

1. Say no to single use items
2. Reuse and refill
3. Recycle