“We’ve had over 140 leads from sellers in the last three months alone”

Greens Property case study

In 2020, Greens Property expanded its operation to include sales across South East and parts of South West London.

That’s when the online agent turned to Zoopla to help drive leads from vendors and applicants. Greens Property’s Yeliz Sakalla spoke to us about their experiences. 

Initially focusing on lettings, Greens Property added sales around 12 months ago and has been actively trying to grow that side of business ever since. 

The firm has been a Zoopla partner since it was founded nine years ago, but increased its investment in Zoopla products to help reach new vendors. 

Using Valuation Booster to reach target outcodes

As a gold member, Greens has invested in our Valuation Booster first and foremost. The tool highlights the agency as a choice to those actively seeking a property valuation in specific outcodes.

“We mostly operate in South East London but we want to get instructions from the surrounding areas too, places like Brixton and moving into SW postcodes,” Yeliz said. 

Greens Property’s Yeliz Sakalla

“We initially signed up for a four-month trial and paid for 12 different outcodes based on the stats provided by Zoopla and we’ve seen the results already. We’ve had over 140 leads from sellers in the last three months alone.”

Yeliz adds: “It’s a good amount of leads and we get regular communication so we can see what we’ve achieved. You’re always going to get some leads that are just curious and not looking to sell but overall the quality is good. 

Levelling the playing field for smaller estate agents

“We’ve tried a similar product with another portal but Zoopla is definitely more affordable and in my experience a better end result too. Often with the other main portal, the outcodes we want to target have already been snapped up by bigger agents.”

For Yeliz, the standard of service is one of the main advantages of using Zoopla. It’s also a critical factor in Greens’s investment in additional products. 

“We have a good relationship with our account manager,” she says. “There’s consistency, they’re not changing staff every month. So, our AM knows our situation, knows what we need and what we’re trying to achieve.

“Together with the insights provided, that was important for us. We can trust the suggestions, take the advice given and get more instructions as a result.”

Using Zoopla to build an estate agent brand

Market-wise, demand continues to outstrip supply. And that creates a challenging environment for estate agents, many of whom are still coming to terms with the impact of the pandemic.

For Greens Property, effective marketing is key to overcoming those challenges – with Zoopla’s support, once again. 

Yeliz adds: “Our biggest struggle is people going with a more recognised brand. We’re trying to invest in marketing as much as possible – online and offline advertising, we’re canvassing leaflets, active on social media. 

“We’re trying to display ourselves as much as possible across all the touch points for vendors and landlords in particular.”

Summing up

Overall, Yeliz says she is “delighted” with the Zoopla experience.

“It’s definitely a positive experience,” she adds. “I know there’s still more we could take advantage of, but we’re delighted with the service, the products and the insights provided.”

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