Although most of us are active on our own social media channels and profiles, it’s important to remember that when it comes to using social media as a brand, you need a solid strategy in place. Because whilst you need to be able to talk to your audience in a natural, human way, remember that you’re still speaking to them as the face of a company, not just as an individual.

Get a plan in place

A planned strategy goes a long way towards making sure you get the most out of your social presence online. Stephanie Hendries, Social Media Manager at Zoopla, talks us through some key aspects of a good social media strategy.

Content is key

Creating and posting great content as a brand on social media is really important. Facebook, in particular, is giving power to people over brands, so your business posts really need to stand out.

Talk to human emotions

Shock, amuse or excite, says Stephanie. Your content should speak to human emotions. A great example of this would be a post about aspirational homes. People like to see images and videos of some of the most luxurious homes out there, because it’s exciting to dream of living in one of them.

Measure your way to success

Be sure to figure out what success looks like and how to best measure it. Knowing what you want to achieve, measuring your results and then tweaking your strategy based on your findings will help you continue to develop and improve.

Modern day storytelling

Short video and motion graphics have become a form of storytelling. Use these means of communication to offer useful advice or to present an inspiring story.

Stephanie’s top social strategy tips

  1. Focus on creating content that shocks, amuses or excites
  2. Measure your activity so you know what’s working
  3. Use videos to offer useful advice or to present inspiring stories

If you need some more tips to help you piece together a killer social strategy, take a look at our advice on how to effectively target an audience on social media, and how to creating a winning property Facebook campaign.