6 ways to make catchment areas work for your branch

Parents are going to extreme lengths to secure their dream school place for their little ones. But how can you work this to your advantage for your branch?

According to recent Zoopla research, parents will pay a whopping £82,960 on average to get a home near a good school. And that figure rises to £200k in London. 

17% of parents reported lying, bending or breaking admissions rules. That’s on top of a further 7% who said they ‘played the system’ – meaning nearly 1 in 4 parents have flouted the rules. 

So how can you help parents get the houses they want, to get their kids into the schools they want?

1. Build school application deadlines into your marketing planning

This year’s primary school application deadline is 15th January. And, it always tends to be in the middle of the first month of the year. 

Build it into your marketing plan and work backwards from it. 

Make sure parents with younger children have the date locked into their brain for future years. That way, they know what they’re working towards when buying or renting the right home in the right catchment area. 

2. Highlight local Ofsted ratings in the listing – and at the viewing

Make sure you include all the highly Ofsted-rated schools in the catchment area in the details of your listing.

It’s even worth including them in non-family homes, to capture smaller families or those willing to squeeze in for the right school. 

And don’t forget to really hammer it home at the viewing. Even for those without kids, getting into the catchment area early could reap big rewards further down the line. 

3. Get your applicants using our map tools

We’ve recently made some big improvements to our map tools on zoopla.co.uk. Users can draw their specific search area around a particular school, matching it exactly to the catchment area.

They’ll also get local agents highlighted to them when they do. 

4. Use Featured Properties to target buyers searching in a specific outcode 

Got a slow-moving family home? Push it up to the top of the search results in a specific outcode for a catchment area with Featured Properties

What’s even better is that they’ll stay in that position for the whole time they’re live on Zoopla. 

5. Think beyond the school gates 

Make sure you highlight amenities that will appeal to homeowners looking in specific catchment areas, including transport links and local parks

Good-quality local nurseries are just as valuable as local schools. And additionally, easy safe ways to get to local schools and nurseries could help tip a buyer over the edge. 

6. Encourage passive homeowners to see the value in their catchment-area home 

There’s a huge amount of hidden equity in a lot of the UK’s homes. 

Many older homeowners may be unaware just how much their home is now worth – and how close it is to in-demand schools. 

Use our vendor-attracting tools like Zoopla Valuation Tool on your website to tempt would-be sellers who might have otherwise stayed put.

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