Changing rooms: 6 ways to adapt your listings to new buyer priorities

Over 40% of homeowners adapted their home to suit their changing needs in the pandemic, according to our latest research. 

Over five million home offices and a million home gyms have sprung up – but nearly nine million bedrooms have been lost in the process. 

With homeowners on a mission to adapt their homes, where’s the opportunity for agents? Here’s 6 ways to get a nation repurposing rooms to buy and sell instead.

1. Think beyond the bedrooms

It’s not as simple as 3 or 4 beds any more.  

Something we’ve heard from agents already is that a slow-moving 4-bed property could have more appeal marketed as a 3-bed with office or gym space. 

Giving your slow-movers this kind of radical rethink could be just the ticket to get them new attention from buyers.

2. Use Premium Listings to tell the full story

Premium Listings give you more space to talk about what makes your listings unique. 

You can add up to 4 additional photos on them, and there’s also 2 extra spaces to talk about rooms that could be repurposed. 

And they get results: the average Premium Listing gets 9% more leads in just the first week.

3. Target commuter zones with Featured Properties

The pandemic sent demand skyrocketing in commuter areas. 

But it also made areas a bit further out from big cities really popular – the kinds of areas perfect for a once or twice-a-week commute. 

Zone in on applicants looking in these areas. You can target our Featured Properties by outcode – getting your listings with offices in front of the semi-regular commuters that need them.

4. Show more potential with video 

Video content is a great way to give applicants a better sense of the potential of a house before they even view it. 

Premium Listings also make your video content more noticeable, with a play icon to get attention in the listings results pages. 

And that means warmer leads booking those viewings.

5. Get tomorrow’s sellers to see the opportunity 

Buyers being more open-minded about the purpose of rooms is a great way to hook in future vendors. 

More buyers are looking for office and gym space than ever before. Seeding this information with passive homeowners could be just the ticket to getting them over the line and submitting a valuation lead.

6. Keywords, keywords, keywords 

Pack your listings with them. If there’s scope for an office or gym – however small – make sure you shout about it in your listings details. 

As more and more users on Zoopla filter their searches by this kind of information, it makes your listings all-the-more visible.

Got listings perfect for what buyers are looking for right now? Listing with us is a sure-fire way to get them out there to the widest possible audience.