3-minute masterclasses with Chris Buckler

Got a spare couple of minutes? It’s all you need to top-up your skills in our exclusive new series with estate agency coach Chris Buckler

In his 3-minute masterclasses, he shares his hacks that will help agents get ahead in the relentlessly busy property market right now.

Get insight on everything from developing a one-page business plan and defining your USP, through to smashing the living room valuation chat.

Episode 1: Building a one-page business plan

It might be in your head, but is it down on paper? In this video, Chris shares his insight on how agents can consolidate their goals into one powerful one-pager.

Episode 2: Winning scripts

In this episode, Chris shares his approach to those all-important chats to secure the valuation, and the Zoopla tools that can help you along the way.

Episode 3: What’s your USP?

You’re smashing selling houses, but how do you sell yourself? In this episode, Chris guides you through the process of defining your USP as a business – and an agent.

Session 4: How the best agents plan their day

In this episode, Chris talks through some productivity power moves that can help agents squeeze extra results out of the busy working day.

Episode 5: Smashing your valuation

Demand is still riding high, but supply isn’t keeping up. In our last episode, Chris shares his perspective, with some extra strategies for winning in the living room.