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It’s the busiest market in years. Stand out to the bumper buyer traffic with our solutions to promote your developments and plots.

Give your development the exposure it deserves with Email Campaigns

Our audience builder tooling sets us apart from the rest.

Target the exact buyers you need from our audience, which we segment based on their intent.

Perfect for when you need to drive plot-specific sales and reach buyers you can’t get elsewhere.

  • Intelligent multi-sends: warm-up engaged audiences
  • Results you can rely on: with our growing data and our 75% increase in email leads delivered year-on-year
  • Get a fully automated service: your email will be created and sent by our team

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Get your plots into the inboxes of relevant buyers with Email Boost

Target buyers in a specific price range and location with Email Boost. It’s perfect for reaching buyers you can’t find elsewhere at final plots remaining.

  • Reach at least 500 users specifically looking for properties in your development’s target price range and location
  • Get a 100% automated service: your email will be created and sent by our team of experts who know email inside out.

Combine with Home of the Week for the ultimate package to push your development.

Extend your window of opportunity with Facebook Lead Generation

Showcase your development with a Facebook advert powered by Zoopla’s first party data. Retarget Zoopla site visitors that have expressed interest in properties within your price range and in your area.

  • Boost lead volumes by 86% compared to standard listings alone
  • Co-brand your ads with Zoopla to benefit from our 94% brand recognition
  • Get the highest-quality leads, with optimised lead forms built into ads

Facebook Lead Generation guarantees engagement, meaning you’ll benefit from a huge volume of eyeballs on your brand, and you’ll only pay:

When a user clicks on your development
Cost per click


When a user submits a lead
Cost per lead

Make your plots a thumb-stopper with Premium Listings

Catch attention with a listing that stands out from the crowd, and get 9% more leads on average during the first week.*

  • A bigger listing with a purple border to stand-out
  • A Premium tag to give your property more of the spotlight
  • 4 additional photo slots on the listing preview
  • 2 extra spaces to highlight the home’s best features
  • Play icons to encourage views of any video content
*Zoopla internal data - Premium Listings vs. standard listings in first 7 days (Sept 2020 - March 2021) Try Premium Listings

Maximise the exposure of your developments or plots with Featured Developments and Homes

Increase or renew the exposure of your developments or plots by promoting your listing(s) higher up in the search results, giving them that additional attention that will help sell faster.

  • A blue border to stand-out
  • A Featured tag to give your property more of the spotlight

Try Featured Developments and Homes

Featured Developments:

Move your plots from relevant developments to the top of buyer searches. Perfect for pairing your stock with specific buyer search criteria, and they'll feature on rotation for the whole time they're on Zoopla.

Home of the Week:

Pick a plot of your choice and move it higher-up in the search results for a week. A great way guarantee extra exposure and impressions, and accelerate the sale of your slow moving plots.

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