Bring your customer’s new home into their home

We know that getting customers to view a show home in person isn’t the most viable option right now.

That’s where virtual tours come into their own. Leverage your existing video assets to offer a pre-packaged interactive virtual tour of a property. It’s a quick and easy way for a customer to get a feel for a home, wherever they are.

We’ve added some tools to Zoopla listings to help drive customer awareness of your virtual offerings.

Showcasing virtual tours in your listings

  • You can now add ‘Virtual Tour Available’ as an option as one of your two additional property features in the prime promotional spot, to attract buyers’ attention 
  • ‘Virtual Tour Available’ is now an option under Property Status picker, in ZooplaPro. Once enabled, it will appear on your listing straight away

What’s the benefit of virtual tours?

  • Research shows that 89% of house hunters want information up front before they will consider viewing a property.
  • In the past 2 weeks, we have seen an upsurge of 215% in virtual viewings of new build properties on Zoopla’s AdReach technology*.

Virtual tours and viewings – working hand-in-hand

Once you’ve engaged a customer with a virtual tour, you can deliver a live walk-through of a location via video call, allowing a potential applicant to view and interact with a property from the comfort and safety of their own home.


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*Zoopla data, April 2020