Capitalise on a base of highly-engaged vendors.

The award-winning AdReach Express makes digital prospecting easy. Using our self service tool you can create custom ads and start serving them directly to vendors in your local area in minutes.

How does it work?

We monitor multiple touch points across By tracking user behaviour we are able to determine which users are likely to be vendors, and are therefore able to identify high-value traffic with a strong propensity to convert into a lead.

AdReach Express is the tool that unlocks direct access to this base. Targeting the location of your choosing, AdReach Express will showcase your adverts to highly-engaged vendors across their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Every prospect that clicks on your advert will be driven to a personalised chatbot experience. This custom-built bot starts the conversation and then swiftly sends your lead directly into your property management software, be it Alto, Jupix or Expert Agent.

Reach audiences that deliver results.

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