What are buyers searching for when looking for a new-build home?

We already know that the search for space is a key buyer priority and that the demand for larger, detached homes is likely to continue. 

But how else has the pandemic altered the priorities of current and future consumers? And how can housebuilders use these insights to attract more buyers through a tailored marketing approach?

Our latest research uses consumer data to reveal the most-searched-for attributes when it comes to finding the perfect new-build home. As well as the emerging keyword trends that housebuilders should be taking into consideration.

The report also explores:

  • How search terms differ regionally, and how they change in London 
  • The link between a buyer’s search criteria and their intent to post a lead
  • How the changes to the Help to Buy scheme is impacting search trends

So, how well do you think you know your customers?

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