Building on our unique position

Over the past two years, we’ve been focused on growing our reach and supporting you, whatever the market conditions.

With our heritage and scale we’re in a unique position to grow the housing market, and to put data-led local insight in your hands at the moment you need it.

We’re no longer just a trusted website. The new Zoopla will put you at the heart of a property ecosystem bringing together buyers, sellers and agents and delivering regular innovation and growth in the process.

Data-led intelligence

We’ve spent over £100m building dynamic, data-rich tools that put control directly into your hands. Whether you need brand-boosting reach or pin-sharp targeting, we can help you.


We plan to make the housing market larger. We’ve got the data and the innovation to find tomorrow’s buyers and vendors today.


There are 29 million households in the UK. And we’ve got a plan to engage each and every one of them, so that when they think of home, they think of Zoopla.

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