Build a best in class property website

Mark Reilly, Website Consultant at TechnicWeb, shows us how to take website design to the next level.

UK property market update May 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends in May 2018, including the diversity of the housing market across London.

Creating an engaging email

Lucie Edwards, Digital Graphic Designer at Zoopla, shows us how to create an eye-catching email.

Training and developing your workforce

Debs Gledhill, Senior Development Trainer at Zoopla, explains why it’s crucial to keep your workforce engaged and hungry to succeed.

Create a stand out social strategy

Stephanie Hendries, Social Media Manager at Zoopla, talks us through some key aspects of a good social media strategy.

UK property market update April 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends, with a spotlight on the current new build market.

Maximise revenue opportunities with retargeting

Zoopla’s Display and Programmatic Sales Manager, Ana Brenikov, explains how retargeting can help your agency maximise revenue opportunities.

Invest in search advertising

Charlie Hamouy, our Paid Performance and Attribution Manager, explains the benefits of investing in search advertising.

UK property market update March 2018

Richard Donnell discusses market trends, focusing on the current UK rental market.

Harness the power of SEO

Zoopla’s Head of SEO, Vince Coyle, discusses the importance of good SEO and how estate agents can improve their rankings.

24/7 service with PropertyFile

The vendor, landlord and tenant login tool which allows you to engage with your customers like never before.

Refer conveyancing experts through MoveIt and Jupix

Boost profits by using MoveIt, the powerful price comparison tool that lets you cross-sell home moving services and earn commission on them.

Why agents use Jupix

Since 2007, Jupix has revolutionised the property software industry, and continues to do so.

UK property market update February 2018

Richard Donnell, Insight Director at Hometrack, discusses property market trends in February 2018.

Improving user experience online

Zoopla’s Head of UX and Design outlines how to make sure users have a good experience on your website.