Using research to inform business decisions

Helen Nuki, Partner at Monkey See, gives us her top tips for using research and insights to inform business strategies.

UK property market update July 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends in July 2018, including the variation in price growth across UK cities.

Marketing new build developments

Sarah Stephenson, Design Studio Manager at Ravensworth, shares her top tips for off-plan new build marketing.

Developing successful email campaigns

Giselle Lares, CRM Manager at ZPG, shares her top tips for creating email campaigns that get results.

How to keep your employees engaged

Natalie Allen, Head of Employee Engagement here at ZPG, gives her top tips for keeping your workforce motivated to succeed.

How to train your workforce digitally

Verity Stanford-Tuck, who works in Software Learning and Development here at ZPG, shares her top tips for developing memorable e-learning.

UK property market update June 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends in June 2018, including the most topical trends from the first half of the year.

Utilising property data in the new build market

Hannah Parker, Business Development Manager at Hometrack, gives her top tips on how developers can drive faster sales using data insights.

Generate revenue through referrals

Ed Gain, Product Director at MoveIt, explains how agents may be able to generate even more revenue through referrals.

Build a best in class website

Mark Reilly, Website Consultant at TechnicWeb, shows us how to take website design to the next level.

UK property market update May 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends in May 2018, including the diversity of the housing market across London.

Creating an engaging email

Lucie Edwards, Digital Graphic Designer at ZPG, shows us how to create an eye-catching email.

Training and developing your workforce

Debs Gledhill, Senior Development Trainer at ZPG, explains why it’s crucial to keep your workforce engaged and hungry to succeed.

Create a stand out social strategy

Stephanie Hendries, Social Media Manager at ZPG, talks us through some key aspects of a good social media strategy.

UK property market update April 2018

Richard Donnell discusses property market trends, with a spotlight on the current new build market.