For a second year running Zoopla has conducted extensive surveys of hundreds of estate and letting agents, as well as thousands of property owners and renters across Britain.

We’ve captured peoples’ outlooks on a post-Brexit economy, what consumers want from agents, and identified opportunities in the ever-changing property market.

The findings have been written up into a comprehensive report, which you can download below.

Key topics covered in the survey:


Economic outlook

Consumer and property professionals’ view of the economy, personal finances, house prices and rentals

Consumer, landlord and renter needs

What they want, how they feel they are being served, and how these align with property professionals’ views

Changing market

The impact of online agents, and how high street agents are responding

Moving home

Factors considered when moving home, portal uses, and finding suppliers

Key themes:

Brexit starts to bite

Brexit is more challenging than acquiring stock

Renters feeling the pinch

The property price reality check

Help bring vendors out of the dark

Landlords desire quality tenants most

Looking after renters today could secure more sellers tomorrow

Increasing use of portals throughout the journey

Omnipresence of online agents

Highs and lows of the online experience