The annual rate of UK city house price inflation is at 3.2%, ranging from +6.9% in Liverpool to -4.4% in Aberdeen.

After Liverpool, the fastest growing cities are Birmingham and Leicester at 6.5% and 6.4% respectively. There are five cities where house price is running at over 6%, more than twice the rate of earnings growth (2.7%), however these prices are rising off a low base and affordability remains attractive.

The two speed housing market is set to continue. House price growth is set to remain above average in the most affordable regional cities, although the prices in London are expected to drift lower as they re-align with what buyers are prepared to pay.


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UK city house price growth

London City house price growth 

Price changes


London house price growth

The annual rate of price inflation in London remains at -0.4%

Fastest growing cities

Liverpool, Birmingham and Leicester are registering the fastest house price growth

House price falls

Aberdeen, Cambridge and London are registering nominal house price falls.

What percentage of markets in London are prices falling?



Today, 44% of postcodes across London are registering month on month price falls compared to 70% in December 2017.

This means 56% of postcodes are registering month on month price gains, implying the proportion of markets registering annual price falls will slow further over the rest of the year.

City level summary