The latest Hometrack index reveals that city house price inflation has increased to 5.2%, up from 4% a year ago.

Edinburgh is once again the fastest growing city (8%), with Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester all registering growth above 7% per annum.

Ten cities are growing at a slower rate than this time a year ago, with the greatest slowdowns in Bristol, Southampton and London.

The headline rate of growth across London has slowed to just 1%, down from 4.3% a year ago. This is the lowest annual rate of growth in the capital since August 2011.


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London house price growth

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No signs of price weakness in large regional cities



The latest results confirm our view that house prices in London are set to drift lower in the next 2-3 years. In contrast, house price growth remains robust in the largest regional cities, where similar analysis of these markets reveals no evidence of localised price falls.

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City spotlight – London


42% of postcodes in London are registering year on year price falls; the current number of markets registering negative growth in the capital is the highest since the global financial crisis. The remaining 58% of postcodes are still showing positive growth.

Sales volumes are the first to be hit when demand weakens, and housing turnover across London is down 17% since 2014. The time it’s taking to sell properties is increasing across the whole of the city, with the weakest market conditions showing across inner London.