The 20-city index is currently registering annual house price inflation of 2.7%, half the average annual rate over the last 5 years. Growth has slowed steadily over 2018, with London, Cambridge and Aberdeen registering negative growth year on year.

Price growth ranges from up to +7% in Edinburgh to -6% in Aberdeen.

Ten cities have recorded double digit price growth of up to 16% since the Brexit vote in 2016, with Birmingham and Manchester leading the way.


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UK city house price growth

House price growth – % yoy current / 12m ago 

Price changes

London house price growth

The annual rate of house price inflation in London remains at -0.2%


Fastest growing cities

Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham are having the fastest house price growth

House price falls

London, Cambridge and Aberdeen are registering nominal house price falls


Annual growth – 1996–2018


The development of city house price growth has split into three distinct phases – the early recovery from 2009-2012, broader recovery 2013 to mid-2016 and the post Brexit vote period from mid-2016 to end-2018.

Regional cities continue to sustain above average price growth as employment rises and mortgage rates remain low.

City level summary