The annual rate of UK city house price inflation is at 3.9%, ranging from +7.5% in Liverpool to -3.9% in Aberdeen.

After Liverpool, Glasgow and Nottingham are the fastest growing cities this month at 7.2% and 6.9% respectively. These cities are among the most affordable and average prices are only just returning to the levels last seen in 2007.

Rising house prices mean the income to buy has grown by 18% since 2015, despite lower mortgage rates. The near-term outlook for city house price growth is closely tied to changing affordability.


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UK city house price growth

City house price inflation at 3.9% infographic

UK city house price inflation (%yoy)

UK cities house price inflation graph

Price changes


London house price growth

London house price growth infographic

The annual rate of price inflation across London is once again in negative territory (-0.3%).

Fastest growing cities

Fastest growing cities infographic

Liverpool is the fastest growing city this month, followed by Glasgow and Nottingham.

House price falls

House price falls infographic

Aberdeen, London and Cambridge are registering nominal price falls this month.

First time buyer – income to buy outright


First time buyers incoming to price graph


To highlight how housing affordability is developing, we have calculated the income required by a typical first-time buyer to purchase an average priced property in 2015 and 2018. While mortgage rates have fallen, the income to buy has increased by an average of 18% and by as much as 24% in Bristol.

City level summary


City level summary of average house prices graph