Five star rating for Zoopla app

Since launching the new Zoopla app experience earlier this year, user engagement has significantly improved, with the number of mobile and tablet leads delivered to agents is up 25% year on year.

Not only has the app reached 11.9 million downloads, but in the month from 1st July to 31st of July, the rate at which traffic converts to an enquiry has risen by 36%, while the number of unique views on listings pages is now reaching more than 3 million. In addition to this, 85% of users give Zoopla app a 5* app store rating.

The updated app which is now available on both iOS and Android devices, enhances the house-hunting journey with a fresh, cleaner and uncluttered design, improved navigation and an intuitive interface.  These changes encourage users to focus more closely on agents listings on the app, leading to greater engagement.

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Charlie Bryant, MD of Zoopla, commented:

“It is fantastic to see this level of user engagement in our first month of launching this new app. It’s yet another prime example of Zoopla investing in and working hard to help agents compete more effectively in the marketplace and drive more leads to them.

We are therefore thrilled to see such a significant increase in the number of leads the app is delivering to our agents. The success of this app is just the beginning. Our multi-million investment into our software productivity strategy will soon start to realise more fantastic benefits for our customers.”

Source: Zoopla internal data