Zoopla app update to enhance house-hunting journey

The new Zoopla app experience sees an enhanced user journey aiming to deliver more leads to agents, and enable partners who invest in Premium Listings Plus to benefit from an expanded reach across mobile and tablet devices.

New functionality includes a properties tab which displays all the properties a user has interacted with in one place, allowing them to save listings across all of their devices. Plus, the less-cluttered journey aims to focus users more on agent’s listings.

This latest development is another example of Zoopla working to help agents compete more effectively in the marketplace and comes hot on the heels of the business announcing a multi-million pound software investment and productivity strategy.

The new Zoopla app update comes at a time when recent research confirms that consumers rank apps as their preferred method for searching for properties online. According to the new research, 60% of consumers stated they search for properties on a mobile or tablet device*. The new app build allows for rapid updates and improvements across app platforms, which will improve the speed to serve the needs of these consumers.

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Charlie Bryant, MD of Zoopla, commented:

“Zoopla is committed to creating and maintaining a marketplace where home-hunters feel ahead of the curve in their property choices. We anticipate this improved consumer experience within the app will generate more leads for Zoopla agents and in turn even better value for money for them. In this sense, both customers and agents benefit from our latest innovation.

“We have only started to scratch the surface of what is possible. As we tap further into consumer behaviours and target new demographics, we will continue to update and modify the app to better facilitate agents in reaching home-hunters and in generating new property leads.”

* Source: Zoopla, May 2019, an online survey was conducted among 2,003 respondents who have either sold their properties in the last 18 months or are currently looking to move or sell in the next 18 months.