Revealing hidden equity to get homeowners to sell 

There’s £237bn worth of ‘hidden equity’ in the property market right now. This summer, we’re unlocking it to bring new sellers into the market for you.

Our recent Hidden Equity Survey found that many UK homeowners might be staying put, only because they underestimate the cash they could get for their home. 

The Hidden Equity Survey findings

  • 45% of UK homeowners surveyed undervalued their home by an average of £46,305.
  • The average home in the UK is worth £9,470 more than its owner realises
  • 9% of homeowners whose property was worth more than they expected found that it was worth over £100,000 more. 
  • Over a million properties nationwide carry at least six figures of hidden equity.

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Finding out that their home is worth more than they thought is the final push many would-be sellers need. That’s why this summer, we’re revealing the cash hidden in homeowners’ walls to get the nation selling.

A new way for homeowners to track the value of their home

Our new My Home experience on Zoopla draws homeowners in, giving them a much more immersive, instant valuation estimate experience than before.

And when ready to find out their own potential hidden equity, we’re sending them to the people who do accurate valuations the best – you.   

It’s all part of our plan to use our unique position to grow the housing market – and help you grow your business.

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The results so far:

  • 45% increase in valuations leads
  • 450% more sessions on average each day to the My Home experience*
  • 35% increase in sessions where users tracked a property

Turn hidden equity into real value for your agency

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*first week after launch of campaign vs. daily average prior to the campaign