How does paid performance support Zoopla partners?


Meet Michael Elkins, Director of Paid Performance at Zoopla. Michael and his team are responsible for creating the adverts within Google that show paid Zoopla web pages and listings before the organic search results. This form of online advertising is known as Pay Per Click or PPC. Alongside this, they’re responsible for other paid channels including Zoopla’s display and direct response social media advertising.

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Knowing valuation leads are key for our agency partners, Michael and his team are putting most of their focus into driving this type of leads.

In our State of the Property Nation report, agents told us one of their top challenges is having sufficient stock, which is why one of our key focuses at Zoopla is to is to drive vendor leads to partners.

“We’ve identified valuation leads are by far the most important leads for our agents”

The Paid Performance team have been working closely with our brand and sales teams to come up with innovative strategies to drive leads in the regions that need the most support.

Why don’t Zoopla PPC ads always appear when I type property search terms into Google / Bing?

The PPC ads we show to home hunters are highly targeted, which is why they don’t appear for every property related search terms. Our ads are displayed based on the search terms property seekers have typed into search engines such as Google or Bing.

For example, we might show property seekers who are searching for ‘three bedroom flats in Brighton’ a very targeted advert because they are showing high levels of intent and are therefore worth targeting.

What else is the team working on?

We’ve invested a lot in our Zoopla property search app in terms of both product and marketing. Apple has recognised the Zoopla app as its App of the Day and subsequently boosted the exposure we’re receiving on the Apple app store.

Not only that, but our app has also received over 10 million installs – that’s over 15% of the UK population.

“It’s no secret that the industry is moving towards mobile, and the users are expecting us to meet them on their mobile devices”

What’s next for paid performance?

Our paid performance team will be focusing on fleshing out a more thorough audience plan to ensure we’re still reaching the right property seekers at the right time.

We’ll also be augmenting our paid search and above the line advertising with display ads to further increase our exposure. Building our paid social capabilities to ensure we’re more present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is another priority for the team.