What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an important tool for the success of any business. It’s important that websites are continuously updated and improved in order to match the strict criteria established by Google. As explored by Ervin Cenmurati, Technical SEO Manager at Zoopla, websites without that level of constant maintenance will fall behind the competition, and ultimately cause a decline in business performance.

The online world
The importance of SEO is heightened as in 2019, over 50% of the population on earth will have access to the internet. By this time, over 90% of the population in the United Kingdom will have access to internet, and over 70% of people in the UK will be accessing the internet using a mobile device.

With the increase in access to working internet, it’s more important than ever that websites rank highly on search engines. Because the higher you rank, the more clicks you’re statistically likely to harness, and therefore generate higher levels of business success.

The role of Google
Google changes its algorithms frequently, sometimes even on a daily basis, and because it acts as an influential middleman between users and websites, it’s important that websites keep updated with these changes. It possesses over 76% of the global search engine marketplace, making it a crucial tool for all internet use.

The mobile revolution
With the increasing prominence of mobile devices being used for internet access, Google’s new Mobile First Index generates organic results based on how mobile friendly a website is. To prevent falling down the rankings, businesses must make sure their website is mobile-friendly and delivering an optimised online user experience.

A lot of SEO best practice, like on-page SEO, can be managed almost cost-free. But if you want to support your SEO efforts by investing in search advertising on Google, check out our top tips for harnessing the power of paid search here.