Managing an estate agency business with multiple branches spread across different geographic locations presents a whole host of challenges. Making sure that all of your staff are singing from the same hymn sheet, wherever they’re based, is essential for success.

We spoke to Tom Hookham, the Director of WellingtonWise, an agency that’s well acquainted with both the opportunities and the difficulties presented by vast business growth in a short amount of time. We asked Tom about his experience of using property software to help facilitate the expansion of his agency.

Hi, Tom. Tell me a little bit about WellingtonWise.

Tom: WellingtonWise was founded in 2005 in St Ives. We then opened an office in Royston in 2008, and another in 2015 in Hitchin, which launched with a Fine & Country license.

We’ve since expanded further into Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire taking on three further offices and purchasing a well-established agent, Ensum Brown, in Ware. All within the space of a few months. We’re up to seven offices now in total. And from each of those offices, we also run our lettings brand, The Letting Agency, which we keep separate.

That’s a lot of growth in a relatively short period of time. How did you use software to facilitate this expansion?

Tom: One of my first tasks upon joining the business a few years ago was to bring Jupix in and oversee that process. Looking at how the businesses were running, from an operational point of view, we needed everyone to be following the same kind of process. And to make sure certain things were being done correctly across every branch. That was one of the reasons why we moved everyone onto Jupix. As soon as we acquired Ensum Brown, the plan was to get them on Jupix. And as we open new offices we’ve been getting them straight onto Jupix too. Now all of our offices are using it.

We know how it works, we know how the guys need to use the system to get the best out of it. Being able to control the processes that we’ve got in place meant having everyone using the same software. Jupix is process-led. It won’t let you do certain things without first doing others. You need to go through the whole process for it to work, which is a good thing, because you can’t cut corners.

And have you had any feedback from your staff about how Jupix is working for them?

Tom: Yes, from team members at both WellingtonWise and Ensum Brown, they find Jupix so easy to use. It’s easy to navigate around, and the level of reporting is great. The guys who sing its praises the most are actually the lettings side; because there’s a lot that’s automated now, it’s freed up so much of their time, whereas before everything was done manually. The number of properties we’re able to manage have doubled in two years, but we’ve managed to keep our team the same size. And there’s absolutely no way we would’ve been able to do that without Jupix. The team were at their limit. Jupix has reduced a lot of the manual things, and now the team can cope with the rising number of managed properties no problem, which is great. Using Jupix as our primary management software has absolutely been essential to the good running of a multi-branch agency.


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