Estate agents form a strong relationship with their vendors, engaging with them in all aspects of the sales process. And the best agents out there already realise how important it is when working with your vendors to recommend preferred suppliers, such as conveyancers, to ensure a smooth transaction for all.

Are you missing a trick?

Even if you’re already referring to your vendors, you may still be missing out on an opportunity to generate revenue if you’re not referring to your applicants as well. With huge demand from buyers and relatively few properties on the market, applicants’ offers need to stand out. Instructing a solicitor shouldn’t cost the applicant anything. But it proves to the vendor that they’re motivated and organised.

MoveIt for more money

Ed Gain explains how MoveIt works seamlessly with agents’ ZPG management software to refer their chosen panel of suppliers to buyers at key stages in the move. Using data collected through existing users of MoveIt, we’ve found that on average, agents earn £100 per referral (so that’s £200 where both vendor and applicant have been referred). We’ve also found that agents have a 26% success rate in winning the referral.

To start generating revenue through referrals, follow Ed’s top three tips for referring applicants and vendors.

Ed’s top tips

    1. Refer local, reliable conveyancers
    2. Refer to applicants as well as vendors
    3. Benefit from MoveIt‘s automated systems