The ping of an email arriving in your inbox is a sound heard countless times every day. How do companies using email marketing make sure their emails stand out? Lucie Edwards, Zoopla’s Digital Graphic Designer, guides us through three strategies that will help you catch a consumer’s attention.

Have a clear visual hierarchy

The layout of your email has a big impact on the likelihood of it being read thoroughly. Keep your headings large and bold, and your copy short and sweet. Make sure your emailer is mobile-friendly. Include a call-to-action and make sure that you place your contact details in the footer of the emailer.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Images are a very important component of emails. Make sure that the images you choose support your copy, are able to tell a story and where applicable, evoke emotion. Don’t just use images for the sake of it; they need to compliment your message, otherwise they’ll confuse it.

Take them on a journey

To create an engaging email your visual hierarchy and image choices all contribute to the customer’s journey. Create a simple, easy-to-follow customer journey with a compelling message to be sure that your customer responds positively to your call to action.

Lucie’s top tips for an engaging email

    1. Make sure your layout is logical
    2. Keep copy short and images relevant
    3. Have a clear call to action