Statistics show that the majority of people are now searching for property using search engines on mobile devices. So if your website isn’t SEO ready, or mobile responsive, it could cost your agency big business.

Mark Reilly, Website Consultant at TechnicWeb, gives us three tips on how to take your website’s design to the next level.

Be original

Often the first port of call for customers, you’ll need to make sure your website stands out through attractive visual design. One way to achieve this is by using great looking banner ads, and make sure that they’re updated often. Outsourcing this work to a creative graphic designer that understands your business and target market is something you might want to consider.

Make time to look after your website

To keep your website optimised for search engines, it should be updated regularly with quality pieces of content and information. This will boost your organic ranking on Google, making your site easier to find online. More so than money or heavy resource, this requires your time. But it’ll be worth it. Upload relevant and engaging articles, and be sure to make use of visuals, subheadings and short paragraphs to ensure your content is easy to consume on a mobile device.

Get positive reviews

As Mark says, “in 2018, cliché testimonials barely pierce people’s consciousness.” Customers are now influenced by Google and Trip Advisor reviews when making decisions. Use your customer reviews as your online word of mouth. Shout about the good ones, and take time to learn and improve from the more unflattering reviews.

Mark’s top tips

    1. Be original, be different, be you
    2. Make time to nurture your website
    3. Show off good reviews

By following Mark’s website design tips, you’ll begin to achieve a much better return from your online marketing budget. And if you need a helping hand in making sure your website really is best in class, get in touch with TechnicWeb.