Over half the UK population log onto Facebook every year, so successful Facebook property campaigns can reap considerable reward. Here’s a five step guide to ‘paid for’ campaigns to get Facebook working for you.

1. Set your Facebook campaign goals

Decide what your campaign goals should be. For instance, do want your ads to be seen by as many people as possible (known as ‘reach’), or would you prefer your ads to be visible only to people who are likely to engage with you through likes and shares (engagement)? Alternatively, you might want to redirect your audience to your webpage or listings on Zoopla (traffic). You may even prefer for your viewers to register or download something specific (lead generation).

Bear in mind you should aim for considerable reach in part, as it generates a 1% – 2% click through rate.

2. Create your content

When creating your Facebook ad, keep your copy brief; under 90 characters is recommended. Facebook prefers images with little or no text, as lots of text can lower the quality of experience.

Photo images are by far the most shared type of content on Facebook, and research shows they drive strong engagement results. However video posts attract 62% more engagement than images. So think about showcasing some of the most viewed properties you currently have listed, either in a video or carousel format.

3. Craft your target audience profile

Use data on your target audience to segment based on their commonalities such as age, gender and location. Gather detailed analysis of your target audience from published research (such as ZPG’s First time buyers report) and statistical data; your sales and campaign history can be a goldmine of customer insights that you can use to shape your audience into market segments.

Find out your target audience’s three key profile insights: their likes, locations and locality – what do they like doing online, where can they be found online, and what geographic areas are they currently living in.

4. Offer outstanding service once the campaign begins

Organise your client management processes to deliver an outstanding customer experience to help close the deal. Once your campaign begins, be armed for customer questions by preparing an FAQ factsheet so you can respond in a timely manner.

Clients are looking to buy an experience as much as a property. By having detailed information to hand on the local area, the history of the property and the local amenities, you will enable clients to visualise the full experience of living in that area, and not just the bricks and mortar. Zoopla collates all of this information on site; it can be found by clicking into a property listing and viewing the property details, map of the nearby area and local information tabs.

5. Track and analyse your campaign results

Measuring performance is important so that you can adapt your strategy and see ROI. Facebook offers a Split Test Campaign feature, which allows you to test ad performances against each other to see what’s working best.