Gain listings through meaningful social media with Tyron Ash

Tyron Ash of Tyron Ash Real Estate is followed by over 40,000 on Instagram. In this video Tyron imparts 3 tips that he believes will make your social media presence more meaningful and ultimately, help to obtain, and retain more customers.

  1. Personalised content

    Several agents treat their social media profiles as they would online portals. Remove the disconnect and make the content that you post personal; video is a fantastic way of achieving this.

  2. Regularity

    The regularity of posting is absolutely key, if you’re putting together the most amazing video but you’re doing it once a month or once a week, even if it’s absolutely fantastic — the platform’s algorithm will pick up that there is no regularity therefore it won’t favour your post, it won’t push it to the top and you will not get the traction that you’re looking to get.

  3. Hashtag usage

    Many platforms allow you to add up to 30 hashtags per post. You want to make sure that these hashtags are relevant, and will help drive traffic to your post. Steer away from overly specific and niche hashtags and favour the more broad terms such as ‘estate agent’, ‘real estate’ or ‘london’. Using hashtags that are already in use by others will give your social media a great chance of being picked up.

To see Tyron’s tips in action be sure to have a snoop of his instagram profile here.

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