Nat Daniels of Estate Agent Today talks lead nurturing

CEO of the acclaimed property publication Estate Agent Today Nat Daniels joins property professional Chris Buckler to provide his expertise on how best to nurture leads.

  1. Multi-channel traffic to your site is absolutely key.

    Visualise the conversion funnel, the more prospects that enter, the more likely you will be to drive the volume of leads that your business requires.

  2. Response time is everything.

    Aim to call your prospective client back within 1 minute of their message. The person on the other end of that lead has property on their mind at that moment. By calling them back within a minute of their message you’ll give the impression of great service, whilst ultimately giving yourself the best chance of converting that lead.

  3. Don’t ignore the “just curious” leads.

    Of the valuation leads that come in 25% will convert, they’ve shown avid intent, and they’ll likely turn into business quite easily. Do not ignore the other 75%, there is lots of potential within this base, they just require a little nurturing. One method worth exploring is the 8×8 method; one meaningful contact every week for 8 weeks. This can cover anything from texts, calls, emails and DM.

  4. Utilise all of the great proptech that is available to you.

    Take the time to link your online valuation system with your CRM. Use trusted automated software such as callwell and Olivia — they are not there to take the place of your peers, the physical agent is essential to turning that lead into that valuable conversion.

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