Kickstarting your digital strategy with Sam Zawadzki

The exceptionally entrepreneurial CEO and co-founder of LeadPro joins Chris Buckler to share his top three free tips to kickstart your digital strategy.

  1. Social media.

    When you win a new instruction, take the link to that listing and share it on your social media channels. But, don’t just write ‘3 bed property for sale’, instead, write about why that vendor chose to list with you. Perhaps you sold a relatives house, perhaps you share a common interest, whatever it is, share that because that is interesting, it’s relatable, it’s human, and then, once you’ve created the post, contact the vendor and see if they’re happy to share that on their profiles.

  2. Working on your business, not in your business.

    Set up a free account on Asana, it’s goal setting software. Choose a couple of really big ambitious goals…in Asana you can make them measurable so you can set sub goals and clear timelines of when you can achieve it by.

  3. Make it really easy to do business with you.

    Specifically, if a vendor is wanting to book a market appraisal with you and they’re on your website on a Saturday night have a way that they can do that. There’s a free software called Calendly which lets people to book appointments into your diary.

    It’s going to completely differentiate you from other agents. If a vendor is browsing on three different agents websites, trying to book a market appraisal and can’t reach them, but you are the branch that has made it really easy to schedule in a time, you’re going to be at the front of the pack. And even if on a Monday morning you have to call them up and vet them or reschedule them, they’ve still got that commitment with you and you’ve differentiated yourself.

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