Demonstrating your value proposition with Lee Wainwright

Lee Wainwright has a wealth of experience from his 25 years experience at Countrywide as well as from his days as CEO of Purplebricks. In this episode we tap into the direct correlation between demonstrating your value proposition and achieving the fees that you want. In summary:

  1. Brand proposition

    Be clear on your proposition and what you do for your customers.

  2. Leadership’s belief in the brand

    The leadership within your business have got to be able to communicate that proposition passionately to every single person in that business, and in a way that they can then articulate clearly to consumers.

  3. The emotional connection with the consumer in the living room

    For any agent, to get great fees they’ve got to be able to build great relationships. Make a point of understanding the move that the customer is looking to make and then explain what it is that they (the agent) and their business are going to do to make that move as brilliant as possible for that consumer.

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