Greens Property case study

Woolwich-based agent Greens Property added sales to their Zoopla membership in 2020. We caught up with them to find out how things have gone.

What are buyers searching for when looking for a new-build home?

What are buyers searching for when looking for a new-build home? We already know that the search for space is […]

Capture the interest of nosy Brits in your local area

Find out who’s tracking property in your local area and how you can make your agency more visible to this captive audience.

Three years on: the impact of GDPR for estate agents

3 years after the introduction of the new regulations, we look at the new opportunities and challenges when navigating GDPR for estate agents

UK house prices grow by more than the average salary

One in five UK homes have increased in value by more than the average annual salary over the past 12 months. So how is this impacting house prices in your area?

4 reasons not to fear stamp duty changes

Zoopla research reveals four reasons why the UK property market won’t lose momentum, despite the recent changes to stamp duty.

3 innovations to solve your biggest problems

From targeting the right customers to streamlining reservations, discover how our latest innovations are transforming the way agents and housebuilders do business.

How to convert unhappy owners to valuable leads

Our survey of the UK property market reveals that over half of homeowners say their homes are ‘unsuitable’. Here’s why and what agents can do about it.

New Zoopla new homes

State of the Property Nation 2020

This year’s State of the Property Nation – now in its third year – will consist of a series of five reports giving an unrivalled view of the UK property market.

Monthly Market Briefing

Our new Monthly Market Briefing gives you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of data and trends from the UK residential property market.

Factors for sellers when choosing an estate agent

Zoopla research reveals valuable insight into the minds of consumers when choosing an estate agent to list their property.

Case study: Software facilitating agency expansion

We spoke to Tom Hookham, the Director of WellingtonWise, about how using property software has facilitated the expansion of his agency.